About Drinkingbird

The Drinkingbird is a sly wink to the rat-a-tat-tat of the 1960s.  This swanky little den is perfect for a retro-inspired cocktail and a menu of tasty vittles to sustain the evening’s adventure.  Featuring a craft cocktail menu and a line-up of local and craft beers numbering in the 40s, The Drinkingbird is the perfect place to dip your beak after a movie at Webster Place or to tuck in for an evening of uncomplicated fun.

The Drinkingbird. Exquisite vices for the discerning drunk.

Word From The Bird BOM_APRIL_2016


This month we’re calling in some fresh flavors from the Mediterranean. This burger is our CDK Angus beef patty with a beefsteak tomato, cucumber, red onion, tzatziki, and fresh herb salad. We’re serving it up with some “Greek style” frites that you won’t be able to get enough of with feta, oregano, and a little… Read More


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$10 Select Whiskey & Wings