Drinkingbird Burger Of The Month In Three Words: Bourbon-Bacon Jam!

Drinkingbird Burger Of The Month: May 2013

The Drinkingbird Burger of the Month: May 2013 had us wondering when Chef Hector first told us about it, but he’s made us believerss. It’s all about the hand-made toppings: Bourbon-Bacon Jam & Cherry Mostarda (mustard with black and yellow mustard seeds added and cherries cooked down in red wine). The bourbon-bacon jam is made from Applewood-smoked bacon with bourbon, coffee, brown sugar, little bit of garlic, and shallots.


We get our dry-aged beef from a farm in the northwest Illinois town of Lena, called CDK Angus. We use their dry-aged chuck and brisket to start with, giving the beef tons of flavor to begin with. The bacon-bourbon jam and cherry mostarda just take it off the charts. We’re getting it to the blog late, so don’t waste time–you got nine days left to sample this succulent burger.

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