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Let’s be honest. The Drinkingbird mission statement itself pretty much covers the reason for our existence: “It is our sincere hope that we may be of some assistance in your satiation and intoxication. Please ask us for any information you may need on wetting your beak, chewing or swooning the fairer sex.”

We think that says it all, be it at our bar, in one of the booths in the back room, around our billiards table, or here on our blog. We’re here to make sure you have a good time and, toward that end, we’ll be sharing pertinent news, philosophy and who’s, what’s, where’s and why’s when it comes to the world of craft beer, wine and spirits. Our goal is to do it without pretension and to share what we learn as we serve your needs in these areas daily .

If you like what you read in the blog and you haven’t been by Drinkingbird, we’re in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, just across from Regal Webster Place 11 Theaters, a quick cab ride from anyplace downtown, and we look forward to hanging out with you here on our blog (comments, please!), on Facebook, Twitter and in person, as well. Especially in person.

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